Our daily routines have changed dramatically with the influx of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). With these changes, many of you have concerns about your dependent care and other elections. Below are answers to our most common questions:

My daycare provider is closing or reducing their hours, can I make a change to my election?

  • If the daycare is closed, you can drop your daycare deduction
    until your child returns. After the daycare opens and the child returns, you can
    make a new election and restart your deduction.
  • If the cost of the daycare is reduced due to partial closing, then you can reduce
    your election to correspond to the reduced cost. Once the child starts back full time, you can increase your deduction to coincide with increase cost.

Can I change or drop my insurance or Unreimbursed Medical (URM) deductions due to a financial hardship?
Unfortunately, currently regulations do not allow you to drop or change your insurance premiums or URM due to a financial hardship. If you are on unpaid leave, full-time to part-time or from salaried to hourly, then they can revoke or decrease their election.

All status changes will require that you complete and sign a status change form. This form should be signed by your employer and forwarded to us.

Should you have any questions, or if we can be of any assistance, please contact our office. We will keep you informed on changes as we receive them. We pray for the safety and well-being of you and your family during these troubling times.