As a cautionary measure to protect our customers and employees against the possible spread of the Coronavirus, we are asking customers to avoid bringing claims to our office for reimbursement. Instead, we ask that you use one of the following methods to submit a claim for reimbursement:

  1. Online Portal –To use the online portal, login to our website at On
    the top right hand corner select Employee Login and Registration. If you have not
    registered, select Register a New Account. Complete the necessary information. Once
    logged into the site you will see your balance, claim history and other information. To
    submit a claim select File a Request for Reimbursement. If you are submitting a
    Validation for debit card charges, select File Receipts for Validation. Complete the
    necessary information and attach your receipts where indicated.
  2. Mobile App – To download the Mobile App, first you must register your account online
    as discussed above. Once registered, on your phone’s browser type in You will enter you login information and select from the
    menu at the bottom of page File Claim. Additional instructions are available on our
    website. This app allows you to use your phone camera to take a picture of your receipts
    and submit where indicated.
  3. FAX – Complete a Request for Reimbursed Form (attached to this email) and fax along
    with your receipts to 601-856-8088.

If you have not provided us with your direct deposit information, please do so in the customer portal before submitting your claim. Claims received before 2pm will go into the banking system that afternoon and will normally be in your account the next business day. Some banks may take 2 days.

We appreciate your cooperation; this will ensure that our employees are here to serve you.  Should you have any questions, please contact us at 601-856-9933.