Online Enrollment


Welcome to our on-line Cafeteria Plan enrollment system. If your employer has elected to allow you to enroll in your Cafeteria Plan on-line, please enter the system by using the login and password information provided by your employer. Once you have entered, please follow the prompts.

You will first see your personal information, please check it for accuracy.  If allowed, please correct any information. If the information is protected and incorrect, please contact your employer or SABC. Please fill in any blanks, such as day time phone number or email address.

The second page will list your current insurance products and premiums. Please verify the information. If you wish to change any of the products or deductions, please enter the new information under the revised column, if allowed. If changes to premiums are not allowed, please contact your employer. Before continuing, indicate if you wish to have your eligible premiums pre-taxed.

After clicking next, you will see your current Flexible Spending amounts. Please enter any changes under the revised column. You will see what reimbursement options are available to you. If you select direct deposit and we do not have your banking information, click on the direct deposit link and complete the necessary information.

The next screen will provide you with a recap of your election. Please review to ensure that your entered the information correctly. Complete the agreement on final page, and enter your SS# or employee ID as your digital signature and complete the process. Please print a copy of your election form for your records. Should you have any questions, please contact SABC at 601-856-9933.

FSA Participants

If you are already a flexible spending participant, you may find it easier to enroll via the Employee Access Portal with your login and password that you have already created.

Just click the “Portal Login” button below and choose the online enrollment option.