How does the card work?

When you purchase prescription and/or approved over-the-counter drugs at participating merchants, you will use the card like any other credit card.  Your eligible expenses will be paid and automatically deducted from your Unreimbursed Medical balance.  All other allowed purchases require follow-up documentation.  You can also purchase over-the-counter drugs at our on-line drug store (FSA Store) as well.

What if I am purchasing prescriptions and other items, will the card still work?

Yes, if you are making a purchase that includes eligible and non-eligible items, present your SABC FlexCard first.  Your eligible items will be paid and deducted from your available balance and you will be instructed to provide another form of payment for the remainder of your items.

Can I use my card at any merchant that sell prescription drugs?

Most major retailers and merchants participate, however only approved IIAS merchants will adjudicate the purchase at time of purchase. This means if you purchase from a major participating pharmacy, you normally will not be required to submit receipts.

If I have purchase an over-the-counter drug, can I use the card to pay for it?

Yes, over-the-counter drugs are allowed, if purchased at a major pharmacy with the approved IIAS inventory control system in place. Otherwise, you must submit for reimbursement.

Do I need to save my receipts?

Yes, SABC FlexCard users are instructed to save all receipts for purchases made with the card. You may  be required to validate your purchases by sending in your detailed receipts and/or explanation of benefits (EOB) to SABC.

If you have further questions, please contact us.