You can include in medical expenses amounts you pay to lose weight, if it is a treatment for a specific disease diagnosed by a physician (such as obesity, hypertension or heart disease). This includes fees you pay for membership in a weight reduction group as well as fees for attendance at periodic meetings.

You cannot include membership dues in a gym, health club, or spa as medical expenses, but you can include separate fees charged for the weight loss activities. You cannot include the cost of diet food, supplements or beverages, because they are substitutes for what is normally consumed to satisfy nutritional needs.

Process for approval

In order for us to review eligibility, you will need to have you physician complete a “Medical Necessity Confirmation” form or a obtain a signed letter stating what disease the weight loss program is treating, the prescribed treatment and treatment period. This letter will have to be updated each plan year or at the end of the prescribed period.

If submitting a letter, it must be signed by the physician and have his/her contact information. Make sure that you submit the letter with your name, employer name and contact information. The letter will need to be sent to SABC for approval. Upon approval, expenses can be submitted.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at 601-856-9933.