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What's Up with HPV? It's Time to Vaccinate Your Sons.

Boys and girls should both be vaccinated for HPV

  • CDC now recommends that both boys and girls ages 11 and 12 be vaccinated for HPV.
  • It is also recommended that young men ages 13-21 who have not previously received the full 3 doses of the vaccine be vaccinated. More...

Why boys, too?

Men have a higher risk of developing cancer from HPV than women

  • Of the 11,500 cases of HPV-associated mouth and throat cancers, the majority of cases, over 9,300, are diagnosed in men. More...

There is currently no way to screen men for HPV

  • Yes, you read this correctly.  There is currently no testing method available to determine if a man has been infected with HPV.  So a man may infect his partner because he doesn't realize that he's has HPV. More...

HPV causes a lot of cancer - more than you may have realized

  • 12,000 cervical cancer and 18,000 total cancer diagnoses in women each year. More...
  • 7,500 cancer diagnoses in men each year including: 5,600 oropharynx (back of throat) cancers, 1,500 anal cancers, and 400 penile cancers. More...
  • Possibly 70-80% of all head and neck cancers, previously caused by smoking and tobbacco use. More...
  • HPV can also cause anal cancer. More...

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Last Reviewed: Jan 20, 2014